"Human Detonator" T-shirt

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"Human Detonator" T-shirt

All new, all fresh, all cheap, all textile. Due to unpopular demand we took the back of our Tetragrammaton Human Detonator shirt and made it the subject of a whole new shirt!

The year is 2018, the Caliphate has collapsed and the boys and girls of IS are coming back to the civilised world to turn our streets in rivers of blood. Give them a warm welcome by wearing the TMDC "HUMAN DETONATOR" shirt. Hand-made in the darkest Madrassas by forced child labour and therefore we have a special price for you my friend of 9.99 euros. Welcome back!

If you purchase this shirt and wear it, your delicate nipples*) will not be exposed to cold, rain and bloodthirsty flying panda bears. GUARANTEED! (This is not a guarantee). WINTER-PROOF**)

B/W front print. No back print. No side print. No inside print. No sleeve print. No upside down print. No inkling. No small print***). No printer ink****).

*) Gender-neutral.
**) Summery winters only.
***) We lied about the small print
****) Except the ink on the shirt, obviously
*****) Are you still reading this?