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NEW! Hand-made women-shirt


GILDAN - Softstyle Ladies' Deep Scoop T-Shirt in sizes S/M/L. 50% of the time it fits all of the time!

Front print - band name on sleeve print (band name on sleeve print has been clinically proven*) to reduce the number of people staring at your breasts to read the band name by 34.4%).

Hand-pressed in a genuine Dutch sweat shop by a genuine band member (genuinely sweating).

Made of 100% organic / synthetic / nuclear fibre. Not guaranteed to come without no banana smears. THIS SHIRT 100% MORE HOLEY THAN REGULAR T-SHIRTS GUARANTEED (this is not a guarantee). Without no un-GMO freelessness (partly). MAY CAUSE ANAL SEEPAGE IF WORN UNSUPERVISED.

Picture with Pictures with Marit Stjórnmál by Marit Stjórnmál

*) No it hasn't.

**) Woman not included.