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NEW! Versvs unisex no-sleeve sleeveless unsleeved shirt!


"Well I've heard of unisex, but I've never had it"

Now is your chance!

Look outside. See that? Everyone's wearing longsleeves. NOW GO COMPLETELY REBEL and wear this shirt without any sleeves at all. That's right. You show them.

These shirts are also called "Wifemeeters", because many people have found the love of their life in it. Some people call them "Thanktops" because wearing them make you feel especially thankful to be alive.

Front print only (because let's be fair, how often do you look at your own back?)

Made of 100% organic / synthetic / nuclear fibre. Not guaranteed to come without no banana smears. THIS SHIRT 100% MORE HOLEY THAN REGULAR T-SHIRTS GUARANTEED (this is not a guarantee).

First picture by Sonja Schuringa @ Chantik Photography -