V2 - Vergelding "Knot" T-shirt

V2 - Vergelding "Knot" T-shirt

Shirt! It's like someone's shushing "irt".

Cotton cotton cotton cotton cotton. Say it a lot of times and it stops making sense! But we're guessing you're not here for a crash course on semantic satiation but for purchasing one of our finest death metal t-shirt apparel garment clothingses.

Buy this shirt and woo the love of your life instantly. Increase the girth, width, depth, magnitude, longitude, latitude, fortitude and ineptitude of your genitals. Machine wash only - will explode when hand-washed. Rabbit may be included (don't hold your breath). To preserve colours, wash ONLY in the dewdrops from a rose petal or newborn baby tears.

Improved design means your chemically induced nosebleeds will stop up to 3% earlier than with shirts from our competitors (p<.05)!

SIZE INFO: these Gildan brand shirts are a little bit larger than you'd expect, so if you're a size M you might want to considering ordering an S. Choose your shirt size below.