V3 - Vernedering CD + shirt of choice

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V3 - Vernedering CD + shirt of choice

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All good things come to an end! Luckily we haven't made anything good yet, so we don't see why the disappointment shouldn't end. Just like everyone was highly delusional about how 2021 would be 'better' than 2020, we've decided to up the ante with the last instalment of the critically despised V-trilogy.

The CD is refreshingly round, also it's flat. Don't believe the rumours that CDs are roughly shaped as an oblate spheroid, these people use spherical harmonics to approximate a CD geoid, or modelling a region with a best-fit reference ellipsoid. CDs are flat, period.

CD includes CD. Talent not included.

WARNING: This product contains music known to the State of California to cause disappointment and pity or other musical harm.