V3 - Vernedering LP + shirt of choice

30.00 - 35.00
V3 - Vernedering LP + shirt of choice

SOLID BLUE AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY THROUGH THE BAND! First (and let's hope last) pressing limited to 200 pieces worldwide

All good things come to an end! Luckily we haven't made anything good yet, so we don't see why the disappointment shouldn't end. Just like everyone was highly delusional about how 2021 would be 'better' than 2020, we've decided to up the ante with the last instalment of the critically despised V-trilogy.

Looking for the streaming or downloadable version? See HERE

Also available on CD: HERE

The LP comes as a CD-shaped LP, but black and made of vinyl (PVC) so essentially it's not really a CD-shape since LPs were here first. What we're trying to say it's round and it has a hole in the centre. Vaguely recyclable. GMO-free. Possibly. DOES NOT UNCONTAIN ANY NO SOY GLUTEN (negative).

WARNING: This product contains music known to the State of California to cause disappointment and pity or other musical harm.