V2 - Vergelding LP (2018)

20.00 - 25.00
V2 - Vergelding LP (2018)

Our 2018 release on 180g vinyl!

Looking for the streaming or downloadable version? See HERE

V2 - Vergelding is the second instalment of the Tragic Trilogy, The Monolith Deathcult disappoint better than they've ever disappointed before. Continuing the aggressive onslaught of V1, this new album V2 is furious, merciless and uncompromising. the vitriolic vengeance spewed on V2 makes the world brace for the bitter battering on V3.

The LP comes as a CD-shaped LP, but black and made of vinyl (PVC) so essentially it's not really a CD-shape since LPs were here first. What we're trying to say it's round and it has a hole in the centre. Vaguely recycleable. GMO-free. Possibly.